Zig Zag Zin


"Sunny ripeness infuses the bright fruit of this wine, a graceful Zin with black satin tannin that fills it with richness. It's a great buy in a red..."

Thom Elkjer, WineCountry.com

“Of course, Zig Zag Zin is not a wine for morally righteous bureaucrats in Washington. It’s a fun, friendly Zin for the rest of us.”

Appellation America.com
“Well grooved to engage your whole palate even when it's packed with pasta or pork loin, and fruity enough to light up all your buds (your TASTE buds). Also deceptively beefy for a Zin so nimble. Great gift for your friends who have everything (including a sense of humor).”

FOUR STARS, Houston Chronicle
"Most Zinfandel has all the charm of 10W30 motor oil - it's thick, heavy, viscous. While Zin can handle high alcohol levels, today some are off the charts, topping 16%. That's not table wine, that's port. But there is some sanity in the Zin biz; you just have to look a little. Good case in point; a dainty 'little' win, the 2004 Zig Zag Zin from Mendocino County. That’s fairly cool country , so this one didn't get so ripe that it turned raisiny or pruney. It has bright cherry-raspberry-mocha flavors and is great with food, especially pizza. You want a wine that isn't heavy or overblown but is well-balance? Here it is. You want over the top? Take up pole vaulting."

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